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What is the Probate Court?

The Probate Court was established in each of Ohio's 88 counties to supervise the administration of the estate of a decedent who was a legal resident in the county at the time of his or her death. Each transaction involved in the administration of an estate is subject to the examination and approval of the Probate Court.

Other matters within the Probate Court's jurisdiction are: issuance of marriage licenses, adoptions, guardianship and change of name proceedings, the involuntary commitment of the mentally ill, and land appropriation cases.

Volunteer Guardianship Program

The Hancock County Agency on Aging, with funding from the Findlay/Hancock County Community Foundation, has begun a Volunteer Guardianship Program in Hancock County. The program is designed to recruit, screen and train volunteers to be appointed by the Probate Court as guardians of the person for those individuals who have been determined to be legally incompetent and who do not have a family member or friend who is available or qualified to serve in that capacity. If you are interested in volunteering to be a guardian or for more information about this program, click on the link to the Agency on Aging website below.